About us

  • We are a freight forwarding and shipping company originally based in Bratislava with branch office in Nové Zámky
  • We provide all kinds of shipping services
  • We own numerous vehicles up to 1.5 tons and we work with partners who has vehicles up to 24 tons. We also have a standard car trailers.
  • Your goods are constantly monitored 24 hours a day by GPS monitoring
  • We build on quality, speed and teamwork

   In 2016, we became the holder of the ISO 9001 certificate.

Our priority is to deliver the goods in time to the right places and of course total customer satisfaction with our services.”


Express Shipping

Picking and express shipping of your goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can provide to you any information needed about the movement of your goods and their location so you can watch over your goods all the way through.

Partial and Full-Load Transport

  • full truck load (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) with trailers sized 13,6m of length, 2,48m of width, 2,7m of height and  total carry weight up to 24 tons
  • with canvas and box trailers with total carry weight up to 3-6 tons or with canvas and box vans
  • with mega trailers with total height 3m
  • side-free trailers with total width 2,53m
  • high capacity sets 120cmb
  • transport with FRIGO semi-trailers, which have the ability to adapt to the desired temperature and maintain it throughout the entire transport
  • transport of dangerous goods by vehicles with ADR Class 1-9.

Excesive and Oversized Transport

We offer the transportation of heavy and oversized goods. This is a transport, which parameters exceed the dimensions of the classic semi-trailer, height over 3m, width over 2.5m, length over 13.5m and weight over 24 tons.

Excesive and oversized transport is provided by special semi-trailers:

  • expansion semi-trailers for long and wide load transport
  • semi-trailers for heavy goods vehicles with limited chassis length 34m, height up to 4.2m and weight up to 90t

Air Freight Transport

If you want to deliver your goods as fast as it possible, we also offer the possibility of air tranport.

We can arrange for you to transport of small pieces packages or full aircraft shipment.

We offer the following types of transport:

  • airport warehouse
  • door to door

On board courier

On Board Curier is an express airline delivery service in which your shipment is trasported as the classic luggage by the next available commercial flight.

It´s the way how the shipment can be delivered anywhere around the world in a matter of hours.

Our company provides comprehensive and flexible solutions. Thanks to quality teamwork, we succesfully collaborate with manufacturing and shipping companies.”


Establishment address

Panská 17
811 01 Bratislava

Branch office address

Michalská Bašta 16/A
940 54 Nové Zámky


Administration and billing

+421 948 344 566

Email: office@europeexpress.sk

Nové Zámky



Roland Hadina


Email: hadina@europeexpress.sk

Nové Zámky

Martina Serafínová

Logistic manager

+421 948 665 443

Skype: Martina-europeexpress

Nové Zámky

Miroslav Filo

Senior dispo manager

+421 948 554 402

Skype: mirofilo-europeexpress

Nové Zámky

Barbora Eva Jakab

Logistic manager

+421 948 635 888

Nové Zámky

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